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The Cinque Terre enclose a stretch of the Ligurian coast in the province of La Spezia and precisely between the villages of Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. The territory was modeled particularly harsh man over the centuries, forming terraces and building using all the creeks escaped the mountains. Since 1997, the Cinque Terre and Porto Venere, together with the island of Palmaria have been included in the World Heritage Site by Unesco and Legambiente has awarded the Blue Flag for several years in this part of the sea. The first of the five villages that make up this fascinating coast is Monterosso al Mare: The small town is situated in a small natural gulf and has the longest beaches in all the villages of the Cinque Terre. Later we find that Vernazza is located on a promontory sea and is equipped with a small and picturesque fishing harbor marine environment. At the center of Corniglia territory we find that unlike the other villages is not directly facing the sea but it is on a hill about 200 meters. Corniglia is just down the street or through a long staircase of 400 steps. In addition Corniglia to Vernazza is connected by a famous promenade overlooking the sea. Manarola is placed on a headland and is equipped with a small port. Finally we find that Riomaggiore is the easternmost of the Cinque Terre. His buildings are very special in that they are formed by long parallel rows of houses towers that followed the course of an old river. Very famous are also the two CAI paths that cross the Cinque Terre: the first is the Alta Via delle Cinque Terre. is represented by a path that descends from the Val di Vara to the villages and you can take numerous other trails that go down to the sea. Much more famous is the path number 2, called the Blue Trail that the section between Riomaggiore and Manarola is called the path of love. This trail is accessible through the purchase of a day pass. Almost needless to mention the tourism during the summer season the population of the Cinque Terre is multiplied by 10 times. Much appreciated are both seaside tourism than the sports, food and wine.

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